🍼 Mleekko's Validator Node on Radix network

Before you start staking, please make sure that you understand how it works, especially how staking rewards are calculated, what happens when a Validator "drops out", and how to move your stake from one validator to another. Answers to most of the questions can be found in Radix Knowledge Base.


We try to make sure that Validator is up and running with 0% rewards missed. To achieve this, we carefully chose the Datacenter, picked performant hardware (6 x 3.5GHz, 32G RAM, fast SSD), run a fully-synced backup node and a monitoring and alerting server.


Validator's fee is currently set to 3% and will never increase. It is used to pay cover expenses(see above) and accumulate a "safety net" fund to ensure long-term operation.

Zero Owner Stake?

Unfortunately, Radix supports only one owner address to both supply Owner Stake and receive fees/incentives. This makes accounting harder, and I really want to keep my primary stake separate from the Validator fees, so I'm staking to my Node from a different address.


Validator Address: rv1qggax7sd4ajv4693zg3fynqlyzutw9rwyk6q8dvzsfryml6jk6dxq2uz82c

Node location: UA Ukraine, Kyiv (Tier 3 datacenter)

To get in touch join a dedicated TelegramTelegram group or send me a message: @Mleekko